House of Garima is a luxury fashion label. Founded passionately with the aim to express one’s individuality through bespoke contemporary wear. Inspired by the Indian tradition of celebrating every occasion with utmost grandeur, House of Garima wishes to be a part of your special journey celebrating the big and small victories. With intricate embroidery and expert detailing she brings to life her vision to promote Indian crafts and artisanship. Each of her couture pieces are a unique amalgamation of modern designs and traditional techniques. Not made for any particular body type but the focus is more on how each design is the showstopper. Her exquisite pieces embody the wearer's personality in the most unique way possible. The brand focuses on celebrating one’s self without the need to surrender to a common norm

Core Offering

At The House of Garima, we aim to curate bespoke luxury couturewear that suits all. We want to have something for everyone. Our core offerings consist of a beautiful amalgamation of bespoke Indian collection which focuses on bridal and grooms wear. The Contemporary western collection focuses on trendy dresses, gowns, co-ord sets and skirts. The indo-western collection is a fusion on customised designer wear based on the occasion including embroidered kurta-pyjamas and formal shirts.

The Purpose

The sole purpose of The House of Garima is to curate a luxury designer wear brand that is inclusive and contemporary. The brand wants to cater to all shapes,sizes and genders. Through its customisation and bespoke couture creations they want their customers to portray their unique style and own it. They do not want their customers to conform to societal trends rather set their own trends through the freedom of expression. They want to be a part of every celebration, be it big or small.


The House of Garima focuses on beauty from within and each of her creations tend to translate that through various collection launches. Her main mission is to leave behind a legacy of expert craftsmanship through an expression of one’s beauty in turn promoting and supporting the artisans from local towns in India.


Garima, The founder of House Of Garima a contemporary fashion label, finds her inspiration in daily things everyday. She feels most inspired by her hometown Lucknow’s excellent historical architecture. The intricate detailing and large arches of the Bara Imambara and Rumi Darwaza are beautifully translated into logo giving it a modern touch. Her timeless logo speaks for itself as it is a curated motif that showcases expert design thinking and creativity.

About The Founder

Garima Singh, founder and CEO of House of Garima is a ambitious entrepreneur who started her journey with fashion since she was a teenager. She started her career as a fashion blogger and eventually wanted to turn her passion into a profession. She believes that exclusivity and finer things in life should be enjoyed and accessible to people from all walks of life. She strongly believes in inclusivity amongst everyone regardless of gender or age. Raised in Lucknow and having been surrounded by expert craftsmanship and couture her whole life, she now aims to promote the artisans work through her unique designer pieces.
She started her brand with the motive to fill the gap of affordable luxury in the market. She has a team of designers and expert artisans working for her that are dedicated to provide the best quality couture at competitive prices.

The brand believes in a plethora of societal causes and aims to give back in terms of striving to be sustainable in the practices used to manufacture her pieces, she also an active advocate towards mental health and women empowerment. Her ultimate long term vision of the brand is to fund the artisans children’s education under their corporate social responsibility.

Our Origins